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Chrome might embarrass a slow site with ‘speed badging’

200degrees via Getty Images

Although there are many, many bad things happening in the world rather than waiting too long to load a website, it will surely mark even the most patient of us. Google does not stand still, because it might begin to name and embarrass sites that take a long time to display their content in Chrome.

One of the main focuses of the Chrome Developer Summit this year is speeding up the web, and that includes offering developer tools to help their sites and web applications load faster. Labeling slow sites might encourage developers to take advantage of these tools.

The idea is to mark when the site is designed so that it tends to make it slow, taking into account historical loading times. Finally, Google might let you know if a page takes a while to display properly because of your device or connection too. On the other hand, it might reward fast loading sites with positives called “badging speed”.

Images Credit : Endgadget

Google is exploring several options to explain it when its sites are fast or slow. Among the ideas being tested are changing the color of the progress bar (e.g. Green for fast loading sites) or displaying loading messages for sites that crawl onto your screen.

It’s unclear when Google will launch badging fast or even if it really does (the Chromium blog post on the idea isn’t committed to bringing the feature to Chrome). However, clearly Google hopes to make the web faster for everyone – even if it has to embarrass some developers to make it happen.

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