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Google Maps has just introduced a feature that gives you more control over your privacy

Google Maps has just introduced a feature that gives you more control over your privacy

Google Maps is one of Google’s best and most popular applications and applications that are updated frequently by Google. Some improvements are significant additions to the application, such as Waze incident reports, incognito mode, and AR navigation support, while others are in smaller scope. The latest update can be seen as a small improvement, but this is definitely a type of privacy feature that Google Maps users will surely appreciate.

If you contribute to Google Maps, you can now customize your profile from within the application. And you will be able to do more than before and protect your privacy better.

Before the new update, what you can do about your public profile from Maps is to check your Local Guide point. But AndroidPolice sees a server-side Map update that allows you to edit your profile and contributions.

Your new profile item is available in the main menu of the application, and that’s where you can edit your public name, change your photo, and even add a bio.

Image Source: Android Police

More importantly, the update lets you control how your personal content is displayed. You can choose to hide all of your contributions to your profile, which might be a good idea. They will still appear in the list of places with your name, but your contribution will not be displayed on your public profile page.

You can also choose to make your profile invisible to businesses. And, as you can see in the screenshot above, you can adjust your access and location history, and delete location data, all of which are great additions to Google Maps.

Google has tried to make user privacy related to its products, even though user data is Google’s main money making fuel. Google Maps is certainly one of them, especially after last year’s report explaining exactly how much Google accesses when requesting location tracking permission.

The new Map Update will make it easier for users to control the information they choose to share, both with Google and other Map users. The new profile menu must be immediately available to all Map users.

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