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Microsoft is improves Surface Pro X with the new Edge Chromium ARM beta

Microsoft is improves Surface Pro X with the new Edge Chromium ARM beta

Microsoft allows Surface Pro X owners to get access to the original original ARM copy of their Edge Chromium browser today. This software giant makes Edge ARM version available on the daily Canary channel, and that means that devices like Surface Pro X will get access to a browser that is more capable and more performance.

Microsoft released Surface Pro X earlier this month with an older Edge browser pre-installed, but owners have so far had to use x86 copies of Chrome or Edge Chromium in emulation mode. This is about battery life and performance on devices significantly supported by ARM. The Verge has tested the early Canary version of the Chromium ARM64 Edge release, and it’s far better for performance and battery life than using Chrome in emulation.

We have seen major improvements in tab switching, rendering web content, and scrolling speed. Although the increase in speed is clear, this is the initial copy of Chromium Edge for ARM and the tab sometimes gets stuck. Still, it’s a good idea to try if you have a Surface Pro X.

While the ARM64 version entered the Canary channel today, Microsoft revealed last week at Ignite that the final version of Edge Chromium will not be released on ARM in time for the January 15 release. Microsoft will make Edge Chromium available on Windows and macOS in January, with the release of ARM64 to follow. You can download the ARM64 Edge Canary version on the Microsoft Edge Insider site.

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