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Samsung can make the foldable display much better

Samsung could make its foldable displays a whole lot better

Samsung Galaxy Fold will never compete with one of the leading smartphones launched in 2019. Of course, that is not the point, because Samsung’s main goal is to beat everyone to market foldable phones, and to show everyone that the technology is not only feasible, but ready for primetime.

The company failed miserably in connection with the latter’s goal, because the review units sent to the press were full of problems, and the units sent to consumers months later had their own share of the problems reported as well.

Samsung needs to prove to consumers that folding phones can work. Failed. However, that should not be the case for the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2, because SamMobile reports that Samsung is changing the way it looks so that one of the most worrying concerns about device durability is no longer a problem.

If you follow the development of Galaxy Fold before the original release date, you might remember that some reviewers managed to destroy their cellphones by removing what they thought was an optional screen protector.

It turned out to be a very important polyimide film for hardware integrity, and one of the changes Samsung made when it finally released Galaxy Fold was to place the film inside the frame so that no one else could make the film. the same mistake. With Galaxy Fold 2, that might not be necessary.

According to SamMobile, Samsung has signed a contract with Korean supplier DoInsys, which reportedly will begin supplying cellphone makers with ultra-thin tempered glass that can be folded without breaking.

At present, Dolnsys is able to make glass with a thickness of less than 100 micrometers, but has the technology to bring that thickness to 30 micrometers. Both are thin enough for folding phones.

Because Samsung doesn’t use this tempered glass technology on the successor to the Galaxy Fold, it can be a device that is far more durable than the original. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about the next Galaxy Fold, but as is the case with Samsung, more leaks will definitely occur in the coming weeks.

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