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Samsung Galaxy S11 display may be different from any display on Samsung phones

Samsung Galaxy S11 display may be different from any display on Samsung phones

When it comes to large-screen TVs, LG may be the king of OLED displays, but Samsung’s OLED technology dominates the mobile market. Samsung’s screens are so good that they usually compete with each other, and professional display reviewers always rank the latest Samsung OLED screens as the best in the industry, whether they are on Samsung phones or the latest iPhones.

Next year, the Galaxy S11 is expected to offer a better experience than its predecessor, thanks to the fact that new technologies are just beginning to become popular on mainstream devices.

In the past few years, some Android vendors have released game phones, which are essentially flagship phones, and their features are similar to the Galaxy S or Note phones released in the same year. But these gaming devices usually have a high refresh rate screen of 90 Hz or 120 Hz.

This year, both OnePlus and Google have launched smartphones with 90Hz displays, but the new OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro and Pixel 4 are not sold as gaming devices.

Next year, Samsung is expected to have the same technology on some Galaxy S11 versions, and one insider speculates that Samsung may prefer a 120Hz screen instead of a 90Hz screen. From the appearance, the prolific leaker Ice Universe has not locked the display specifications of the Galaxy S11:

The previous Galaxy S11 leak tells us that the Galaxy S11 will pack larger batteries, which will help achieve 5G connectivity and high refresh rate display.

The Galaxy S11 is not only likely to have a 2020 smartphone with a high refresh rate display, but the iPhone 12 is also rumored to have the same technology. In addition, if the S11 does have a 120Hz screen, it is safe to expect the same screen to be used for Note 11 later next year.

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