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Steam now lets you invite iOS and Android devices to join PC multiplayer games remotely

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Last month, Valve announced the Steam Remote Play Together beta, which allows you to play local multiplayer games over the internet with your friends on Windows, Linux and macOS computers. Today, Remote Play Together is officially available for everyone, with a really cool new feature – you can play with your friends using iOS and Android devices too.

According to Valve, the host player only needs to install and start the game, and friends on the PC can join via Steam Remote Play or on mobile with the Steam Chat application and the Steam Link application. Only the host really needs to have a game, which is good.

Images Credit : Google Search

We haven’t been able to test Remote Play Together with iOS and Android clients, so we don’t know whether network latency might be a problem when you play action-packed games. It will probably depend on the host’s internet connection and how far they live.

But in the flow of promotion, Valve is the host to show off features that are in action, it looks quite smooth. While I watched, two players played Cuphead, and I only saw a few small frame drops here and there. (And some of the drops may only be from the river itself.)

Steam also makes sales in multi-player games to celebrate the launch of new features. Sales take place until Monday, November 25 at 13:00 ET.

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