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The Ultimate Kitchen Ideas Design Resource Guide

Images credit : Pinterest
Images credit : Pinterest

The kitchen is one of the most renovated spaces in the house – and also one of the most expensive – so it’s important to consider all your options before handling projects of any size. Whether you are just sketching out designs for your dream room or trying to plan a major makeover, we have kitchen ideas and tips to keep you from start to finish.

No two kitchens are the same. Not all are large and flooded with natural light and real wood floors, but some of the same guiding principles apply regardless of what your space looks like. An average kitchen renovation costs more than $ 50,000 and getting a good investment return means the space must be intentional: bright, clean and classic.

A good place to start when approaching kitchen renovations is to ask yourself what you want from the room and why you want to change it in the first place. Do you have an outdated kitchen that needs total repair? Is the material dated and only needs an update? Can you do it alone? Are you looking for easy fixes to breathe new life into your space? After you identify the problems in your kitchen, determine what your budget is and decide whether you will do the work yourself or hire a contractor.

If the latter consults with seven of our important tips for hiring contractors, however, even if you take that route, you still want to be able to articulate your own kitchen design ideas, from floor to wall. Before starting a kitchen overhaul, or any other large type of project in your home, let them know about things like building codes and permits and be careful that these 10 things aren’t done. Especially in the kitchen, think about the details and don’t make 10 renovation mistakes such as ignoring lighting and ventilation or wasting potential storage space.

We have detailed all the renovation elements and put together our best kitchen ideas into the best guide that will help you make the best kitchen.

Color Scheme

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With all types of paint on the market, choosing a color or color can be extraordinary. In general, white and white are the most popular kitchen color ideas according to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association. The good news is that the color of the paint is easy to change so if you want a thick statement wall then paint is a better way to do it than tiles (which are more expensive and harder to exchange). To begin, here are 10 things to think about when considering colors in your kitchen (and if you have never painted before, see the main things to know). Warm colors like red are thought to stimulate appetite while white offers a clean and fresh aesthetic. Choosing a monochromatic color palette, on which you base the entire color scheme of one main color, is another popular choice.

Creating designs where color and texture are cohesive from floor to ceiling can be challenging so that it simplifies the design process by choosing a kitchen that is completely white. Almost every ingredient comes in white (and white appliances are now renewed and re-stylish) and look through 50 of our favorite white kitchen ideas for inspiration. If you’re on the fence about a white kitchen, browse through our list of quick tips to impress when using white in your space.


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The cabinet ended up spending an average of one-third of the renovation budget. They are high impact design elements and have the potential to truly anchor space. Although replacing all your cabinets can produce a large return on investment, it can be very expensive.

There are other ways to change the cabinet whether it is by adding lighting, new hardware or a new coat of paint. From refacing to replacing, we have collected different kitchen cabinet ideas for a budget-friendly way to exhale life into an old cabinet to a more modern style.


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There are a number of different considerations in choosing materials for your kitchen floor. Does the room get a lot of traffic? Is your budget tight? Consider our tips for choosing materials for your floor, which will help you choose the best for your space.

Hardwood floors are desirable and give a classic look, but can be replicated with laminate which is a much cheaper alternative. There are a number of different pros and cons to consider when deciding between laminate and hardwood, the main advantage is that the cost of laminate is up to 50% less than hardwood. Materials such as cork and bamboo, among other things, are good eco-friendly kitchen floor ideas for green designs.


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Like floors, choosing a kitchen table is based on a number of different factors, from the look and feel to the cost and care. Various materials can be used for countertops, such as granite, marble, glass, stainless steel and quartz engineering.

Tiles can also be used in different places – from backsplash to floors to counters – and we have 6 tips for choosing the perfect tile application for your kitchen. For the main ingredients, from classic to unclear, browse through our guide to 10 trending kitchen table materials.


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Including the island in your kitchen renovation is a big benefit in securing resale value. According to a recent survey, 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and 50% of buyers consider it a must-have item.

There are many advantages to having a kitchen island, from extra seating and food preparation areas to additional storage space. Because kitchen islands are a smart element in any kitchen design, we have collected 60 kitchen island ideas to explore, from integrating appliances to utilizing the above ceiling space.

A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 36-48 inches between the perimeter of the island around the cabinet so that there is enough space for people to move. If you’re not sure what you want, look at our 30 favorite modern restaurants on kitchen island.


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Backsplash connects countertops with cabinets so that it is a good place to bring together the two main elements of your design. Although you don’t need to have it, backsplash is very helpful in terms of cleanliness because you will definitely get dirty walls when cooking or washing dishes.

Almost all types of materials can be used for backsplash as long as they are well sealed from classic and versatile subway tiles to modern stainless steel and solid glass to natural stone. There are many different choices but here are 14 of our favorite backsplash kitchen ideas.


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Storage space in the kitchen can seem like a secondary consideration until you think of all the food, cutlery, pots and pans, and equipment that is rarely used that needs a place to store when not in use.

Fortunately there are plenty of places to sneak functional storage space into your kitchen, ways to make kitchen storage more efficient and ideas for laying out the kitchen for the best workflow. And sometimes the easiest way to make the room more spacious is to keep the table organized and free of clutter so that you have space that can be used for food preparation.

Decorating on a budget

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If a full renovation is not in your price range then redecorating is one way to breathe new life into space without spending a fortune. Bright and bright rooms feel bigger so painting walls or replacing lighting elements is an inexpensive way to make high-impact changes.

If you are not able to exchange something large like a cupboard, paint or hold it to fit your new design or examine other ways to renew your home without major renovations. And if replacing other elements such as countertops or floors is not an option, then consider removing old equipment and replacing it with shiny stainless steel or modern white ones.

There are many ways to decorate on a tight budget and create a luxury kitchen for a fraction of the price by doing things like using stylish ceramic tiles in place of marble.

Other creative options for improving your kitchen include displaying personal decorative items such as cookbooks and photos or opening a room by breaking down one or two walls. Another inexpensive way to make a real difference is by replacing hardware in drawers and cabinets, such as replacing tarnished pulls and beats with modern brass fixtures.

Kitchen walls take up a lot of real estate in a room and are places where cheap changes can make a big difference. Explore our five favorite wall decorating ideas, from blackboard walls to open shelves, for inspiration that you can apply to your own space.


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Freshome offers endless inspiration for all rooms in your home, inside and outside. So, from outdoor kitchen ideas to new kitchen innovations, we have everything you need to imagine your dream space.

Get the wheels spinning by looking through the top kitchen trends of 2015, searching through modern kitchen designs, or sifting through more niche kitchen renovation ideas like how to choose the perfect hood.

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